Organizing your budget sounds like a monumental task. 

Maybe you’re a recent college graduate, facing a new career and student loans. Or perhaps you’re a new mother, and you’re changing the way you and your family spend money. Perhaps you're starting a new business, are caring for a parent, or are in a new relationship. These new life situations bring a lot of financial change, and it’s not easy to make those sudden shifts without help. 

Thinking about

money makes you feel like...

…you’re in the dark, completely out of the loop when it comes to your finances.

…someone else (or no one) has all the control, and you have to ask for an allowance to spend any money.

…you and your significant other don’t sit down enough to talk about finances, treating it like the elephant in the room.

…you need to do something to improve your financial situation, and figure out where you stand.

…you’ll never get on top of everything, no matter how hard you try.

The complexities of personal finances can be overwhelming. But managing your budget doesn’t have to be as tough as calculus; it can truly be simple and painless. 

Are you ready to get support and get organized?


How to approach budgeting with a fresh mindset and a tailored approach that works for your specific situation.


How to set up the right accounts for different spending needs, helping make your available cash easier to see.


The best way to manage and pay off your debt, while still maintaining the lifestyle you want to live

It’s okay to receive guidance. Think what it would be like if someone showed you...

That you don’t have to be a financial professional or a math wiz to manage your budget.


It’s more than possible, and I know you can do it. You just need a little help to get there.

When I worked for a ‘Big Four’ accounting company as a CPA, I helped massive corporations get their financial records in order. But I realized I didn’t want to help faceless companies; I wanted to help real people like me. Today, I support women and families as they pay off debt, manage their budgets, and even afford the special purchases they dream about. (New car or beach vacation, anyone?)

Numbers don’t have to be scary. In fact, it’s empowering when you have full understanding of how they work and where your money is going. Taking control of your finances means improving your life across the board.

I’m here to show you how easy it can be to get your budgeting and financial world in order.

My name is Jennifer Pham


"I had the best bookkeeping experience ever with Jen! She truly cares about her clients' small businesses and their futures. Even though my business was newer than others, she gave me as much support as I needed. She was always there to answer questions and is so helpful in finding ways to grow my business. Our relationship started because I needed help with bookkeeping, but it lives on today as friends! I'm so grateful to have met and worked with Jen!"

During our intensive, we’ll work together in a one-on-one, four-step process to solve your financial stress for good.

When you work with me, you get my undivided attention and expertise to review your budget situation, your worries and fears. I will show you how to make your situation work for you and your family. You’ll learn to shine a light on your numbers, illuminating the path towards financial confidence and freedom. With my budget spreadsheets and knowledge, we’ll transform your doubt into confidence.

You’ll make improvements to strengthen your bank accounts and planning skills. 

The intensive process is four steps:
Before, during, and after the call, plus an implementation period.

how it


Thanks to an in-depth questionnaire and worksheet, I can learn about your current financial situation and knowledge before you even hop on the phone with me. There is no judgement here. I’m simply understanding more so I can serve you better. 



In your initial 60-minute phone call, we’ll go over specific points I noticed from your questionnaire, follow up on your problem areas, and present a personalized plan to help you change your situation. I’ll provide you with several key points about your spending habits, debt payment plans, financial strategies, and other aspects of your budgeting that can make a real impact on your life. I’ll teach you how to use my budget sheet, which other resources are perfect for you, and how to form a regular habit of checking your money. You’ll walk away with a specific action plan and knowledge of your next steps.

during the call

Now that you’re armed with everything you need to succeed, it’s your turn to implement. For a month, you’ll put in place everything we discussed. You’ll develop mastery when you take action. Watch how your financial confidence and stability changes over the course of just a few weeks!


After a month, we will reconnect for another hour-long phone call. This way, you can discuss the effects the changes have had in the first month, any issues you might be encountering, and any further strategies to incorporate into your current situation. If you have any questions, we’ll cover those too. By this point, you’ll have everything you need to be a budget boss — having gained a lifelong skill that will serve you and your family forever! Ongoing coaching packages are available after completion of the intensive.


Enjoy my specialized budget spreadsheet as a         

I designed my first budget spreadsheet when I was in high school, and I’ve been refining it ever since. It’s now a killer system that can track everything, from bank accounts to spending habits to mortgage payments, with easy-to-digest charts.

By signing up for my consultation service, you'll receive my budget spreadsheet and all the accompanying materials for free. That includes a how-to introductory video and PDF, tip and trick videos, and more. 



My budget spreadsheet includes:

The Everyday Budget page, which breaks down your budget by bank account. Using the Everyday Budget page, you can designate certain payments as auto-pay or on-demand, and track each bank account that you set up for different needs or savings goals.

The Debt Tracker page, which allows you to track how you’re paying off debt like student loans, credit cards, or a mortgage. You can adjust your debt pay-off date based on payment and interest rate.

The Bill Tracker page makes sure you never miss paying a single bill and never overdraw your account.

Automatic formulas and charts that update across the board, no matter where you change a number.

2 coaching calls + monthlong support - $298

Are you ready to take back control of your finances and become the CFO of your family?

Change is close than you think.

Understand your spending. Change your habits. Save to Splurge.